Monday, September 27, 2010

Chapter 4 The Lonliest Burden-

Why his need to provide weighs your man down and why he likes it that way...
Men feel that providing is their job- they feel a need to provide regardless of whether the wife stays at home or works. Just like women obsess of body insecurity men constantly obsess over the need to provide.

Why do they feel this way in this day and age when women can provide for themselves?
1. providing is at the core of their identity- they feel powerful when they provide, and they want to be depended on
2. providing is a way to say I love you- that is a way men express their love
3. providing accompanies his need to succeed- they like to feel successful at work

This need of providing means...
1. there is a risk of failure- they feel terrible when money is tight, worry a lot about losing their job
2. they feel trapped- they want to be depended on but sometimes feel trapped by that responsibility

What can we do to help?
1. help relieve pressure- when money is tight don't spend money unnecessarily
2. encourage and appreciate him- make sure he knows your pleasure in any financial progress so that he knows his hard work has paid off

Next week's why sex unlocks a man's emotions


Lauren said...

I can only imagine how awful Blake felt when he lost his job. And I think back on all the times I have made comments about me being the money maker. EEk! I really need to let Blake know that he is a great provider and how much I appreciate the hard work he does outside of our home.

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Family on Christmas

Family on Christmas
Merry Christmas

Spiky hair

Spiky hair
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My little Santa
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Happy boy
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