Thursday, July 23, 2009

Rounding Out the Summer

So I am extremely sad that my summer break is quickly coming to a close. I have VERY much enjoyed it though!

We have spent some time in Sadieville playing with Brooke and Ella. Brayden loves going over to their house, and playing with all of Ella's toys. We walked down to the park in Sadieville, and they are too cute running all over the equipment.

Yesterday my mom, my grandma and I took Brayden to the LExington Children's Musuem. I was a little nervous, because I didn't know if it would have anything he would be real into, but he loved it!! I am so sad I didn't bring my camera in, but we will definitely go back! He enjoyed the music area where he walked on a Big size keyboard, loved the bubble room, and there was even an area for kids under three with a water table and fountain, a train station, and a little tree house for them to climb in and slide down. Brayden does think he is big though, and participated in many of the other big kids stuff too. It was a great experience!

Brayden is quickly turning into a toddler.

His biggest changes:

*He runs in place when he gets excited or mad...hilarious!
*Loves playing peekaboo with himself...lcovering his face up
*He has become SOOO loveable! He constantly gives hugs, and blows kisses. He loves to love other kids, and babies in his books.
*He now LOVES his books...turnig the pages and pointing.
*He explores our street by walking up on porches adn seeing what each person has on their porch.

Funny Brayden story of how he is growing up...
He constantly wants to get in the dog food, and he was trying one night and we looked at him and yelled, "NO!" He pointed his little chubby finger and us and yelled back, "DOH!!" So not funny that he was being bad, but we turned our heads and laughed!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Family News!

Well our family had a big weekend! Friday we went to Jessamine County to see Sarah, Greg, and Ivy's new house! It was so nice, and the babies enjoyed playing. We ate pizza, and enjoyed their backyard. It is a little far, but I think we can manage some get togethers at the mall which is the mid-way point.
Megan, my middle sister, got engaged on Friday night! We are so excited. Her and Garrett plan to get married next May, and Brayden will be the ring bearer!
We are still having issues with church and not knowing what to do. Brayden naps in between both services so that he is unable to go to either. Even if we did work our nap time, he refuses to stay in the nursery longer than 10 minutes without either one of us. So...we have been taking turns going to church while the other stays home with B while he naps. I hate this, but not much else we can do!
Monday my mom and I took Brayden to the mall to get some new shoes. This is really the first time I have worried with nice shoes, because he just has really started walking well. This was actually the first time I had taken Brayden to the mall since he was a newborn, because it never really worked with naps and it is so not close to our house. Now that he has more time in between, we made the trip. He loved eating at the food court and staring at all the other people. He did pretty well in the shoe store, and got a pair of tennis shoes and brown shoes for the fall. Then he went and played in the play area. It was alittle difficult at first, because it doesn't have a gate, so he kept wanting to run out into the mall area. ONce he got the hang of it he was running and climbing and making friends. He is definitely a ladies man!
Tuesday Drew was off work, and we went to Southland pool. It was SO nice for him. There was a whole baby area with wheels and fountains and slides, and even a playground. He did pretty well, but is teething with his molars so a little fussy.
Today we went to play with Jenny and Alexis. Brayden loves going to their house and playing in her play room. He especially loves the keyboard she has!
My class is going pretty well- working on a research paper. Say a prayer for Drew- he has a big interview this week. His boss retired and he is getting an interview for the position. It is highly unlikely he would get it, but he is definitely going to try!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Family Update

Well I have so loved having the summer to spend with my sweet baby. June we did a lot of traveling, and it has been nice to have some time at home.
Brayden and I have had fun meeting up with friends to play with. We have spent time with Brooke and Ella eating and playing. We have been hanging out with Jennifer Wright (a girl I teach with) and her two year old Parker. We met Andrea today for lunch, and are going to visit Sarah and Greg and Ivy on Friday.
Monday Drew and I went out for his birthday. He turned 26! We went to eat at Old CHicago and it was yummy! Greg and Laurel and Megan and Garrett met us there.
In a few weeks Drew and I are heading for the weekend to Chicago where Drew's sister Audra is working for the summer. We are going with his parents, to visit, sight see, and go to a Cubs game. I am super excited because I have never been but also nervous about leaving my boy. He has only spent one night away from us!

Updates with Drew:
*Still working at Lexington Health Department
*Playing softball two nights a week

Updates with me:
*Started a 4 week grad class, and writing papers for that
*Think I am NOW teaching a 1/2 split class next year

Updates with Brayden:
He is developing SO MUCH!!
*He has gotten so much personality! When he gets excited he lets out this really loud belly laugh that sounds like an old man. It cracks me up. He belly laughs when he is served his meals, when we go to the park, run through the sprinkler, when Drew pulls up after being at work, and when he gets to watch his video.
*He is running everywhere. It is crazy to me that he just started walking well not too long ago, and now he is all over the place!
*Still takes two naps a day...usually around 10 and 2.
*Still wakes up in the night- usually five times a week. We can normally get hiim back to sleep pretty easily.

Family on Christmas

Family on Christmas
Merry Christmas

Spiky hair

Spiky hair
All dolled up for Christmas in Ohio

My little Santa

My little Santa
Ho Ho Ho!

Happy boy

Happy boy
On the way to church

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