Monday, March 30, 2009

Spring Break 09

Friday-Sunday Owensboro trip to see Lynsie, Robert and Emmie Kate (see previous post for details)

Monday- *Brayden's dr's visit (see previous post for details)

*Brittany, Maria, and Brayden and I went to lunch at Mancino's, watched Twilight while B napped, and went for a walk and played outside all afternoon. It was so good to see them! We all taught together our first year teaching at PCA and it was so good to catch up.

Tuesday- *Krogering

*Mom had my two year old cousin Ryleigh and they came over and played in the afternoon.

*Drew and I went to dinner at Logan's (it had been over a month!) and to the new Carter's store.

Wednesday- *Brayden and I went to see Drew at work for lunch.

*my mom, Brayden and I went to eat at Crackel Barrel while Drew worked late

Thursday- *Sarah, Ivy and Kayla came over in the morning to play. They brought lunch as well. Ivy was so good and played with toys. Brayden was pretty fussy and wouldn't take a nap. Because this wasn't like him I took him to the dr. in the afternoon. He has an ear infection! Poor hopefully with the medicine we can get him feeling better.

Friday- *In the morning I took Brayden to the pavilion to swim. He loved splashing in the water and relaxing as I swam with him in the lazy river.

*Megan and Garrett, Greg and Laurel came over and we cooked out. It was yummy! We played games afterwards.

Saturday- *Met Brooke and Ella for lunch (I got to sneak away during nap time to shop!)

*played outside

*Went to Eric and Ariel's (small group peeps) to watch basketball games

Can't wait till the summer time!!!

Weekend visit to Owensboro and 9 month check-up!

This past weekend Drew Brayden and I traveled to Owensboro to visit Lynsie and Robert and meet sweet Emmie Kate. (Brooke Kermie and Ella also went!) We left Friday after school and made the three hour trip. Ten minutes into the trip Brayden sneezed while eating a bottle and vomited the whole thing up all over the car! Other than that he did pretty well! (Megan kept Mr. Wiggles so no dog drama!) We got to Lynsie's parents' house to unload our stuff. (We decided to stay there to open some more room at their house.) Drew stayed in for the evening because he wasn't feeling well and Brayden and myself headed over to Lynsie's house.
It was the first time I had seen their house and it is so nice! It was also the first time I got to meet sweet Emmie. She has a head full of black hair and is so sweet and little. We hung out for a while and headed back to Dale and Cathy's for bed. They actually have a crib for Emmie so we were able to put Brayden in there. He did so well staying the crib! He slept all night and then we headed back to Lynsie's to hang out.
Saturday we went to a fun Japanese restaurant for lunch and cooked out that night. We had to hurry and cook out before the tornado came through. Thankfully it wasn't close to us! We also attempted to go on a walk. Emmie was of course great in her stroller all bundled up. Ella was too cute and wanted to get out and walk and pose for pics, and then Brayden thought he needed to get out and be held on the walk. Brayden and Ella played well together on the piano, around the house, and in the tub. I'm sure Emmie will join in when she gets bigger!
Sunday we came and visited again before we headed back to Georgetown. I wish we had more time to spend with them, and they weren't so far away!

9 month check-up
Today we saw the doctor for Brayden's nine month check-up.
Weight- 22 pounds 55% (this is slowing down!)
Height- 28 1/2 inches 65%
Head- 80%

She said he looks great and is doing well! He didn't have to have shots today thank goodness, and he goes back at 12 months!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Visit with Ella, and Ohio visit

Thursday after school Brooke and Ella came over. Ella was so good playing with Brayden's toys while he napped. When he woke up they were so interested in one another. They both share a love for pacis and even switched pacis! We then went to Fat Cat's and met Sejla. THey loved eating all the food and making a mess. It was so good to eat with friends! Sejla entertained Brayden at the end so I could eat.

Friday we headed to Ohio to visit Drew's parents. (We did not take WIggles- he stayed with my sister Megan.) Brayden did so well on the 2 hour drive up. He ate a lot, played with his toys, jabbered a ton, and played with my magazines. When we got there we went to Max and Erma's that night and he bounced in his seat as he ate. He was so excited in the new surrounding that he stayed up till ten laughing and playing.

Saturday we hung out at Drew's parents' house. Greg and Laurel had spent the night on Friday because they went to the Morehead game in Dayton- so we hung out with them in the morning. Brayden took a tractor ride with Grandpa and LOVED it! He rode for about 45 minutes grabbing the steering wheel. Saturday night Blake, Lauren, and Caleb came to visit. The boys ate dinner, went for stroller rides, and played in the flooor. They both had some of an oatmeal cookie and popsicle!

Brayden woke up around 5 really fussing- I think he is teething some I had to hold him the last few hours of sleep.

Sunday we went to Drew's parents' church and the whole service was music. Brayden did well for about twenty minutes just looking around and taking it all in. We then took him and fed him. We headed home after church and were glad to rest!

Brayden is full fledged pulling up, jabbering up a storm, and usually in a great mood!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


So at the age of nine months Brayden throws tantrums with the best of them. He throws his head back, and just starts wailing. SOmetimes it is while we are dressing him, sometimes when we direct him away from trouble he is entering. I knew this was going to happen- I just didn't expect it so soon!
Yesterday we soaked up the gorgeous weather and headed to the park. We were on the swings and strolled around. It was nice to spend time together outside!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Weekend Fun with Family and Friends!

Friday night we went to visit Sarah, Greg, Ivy and Kayla and Nick. It was so good to see them. It had been a while! We ate pizza, and the kids played with Ivy's toys. Ivy was very generous and let us use her high chair and play with her stuff. I was so impressed with how smart she is- she told us she was one years old, and counted her food. She was interested in Brayden's finger foods and asked to please have some of them. Brayden loved Ivy's books and they liked giving eachother kisses. He also loved the Elmo live that was talking to him! He just kept staring at him. It was good to see them- we always have so much to talk about!

Saturday Drew's parents came to visit. We went to lunch and Brayden showed them how he loves to eat all kinds of things now. When we got back to the house he loved showing off how to crawl and move all over the place. He loves spending time with his grandparents!

Today Drew and I worked the nursery at church so Brayden actually made it in there today. He didn't like it when I went to help another baby and screamed until I picked him up. This afternoon Jenny Josh and Alexis came to visit! We had missed Alexis' birthday party because it was the same day as Whitney's wedding. (Alexis is now 3!) So we gave her a gift and hung out. It had been way too long since we had seen them as well.

I got some exciting news this morning that Lynsie and Robert had Emmie Kate at 4:40 this morning. She is a healthy little girl weighing 6 lbs 10 ounces and 19 inches long. She has a head full of dark hair. I am so happy for them, and wish I could be there to hold her! We are planning on visiting on spring break.

Not looking too forward to going back to the week but only two weeks and then spring break!

Friday, March 13, 2009

9 months old

Brayden is nine months old today! It is so unreal how fast it has gone. Here are some updates!

Physical- thick light brown hair, big hazelish eyes (still changing color), ~22 pounds (goes to the doctor in two weeks), little feet, chubby thighs and arms!

Eat: bottles, fruit baby food, real green beans, crackers, cheese off pizza

Sleep: USUALLY goes to bed at 9 p.m. and wakes around 7...still takes two naps a day and sometimes takes a third cat nap...about 20 mins

Play: loves exploring by crawling around everyone, loves his music table to pull up on, likes playing with Moomy and Daddy, loves Trent at the babysitter

Separation development- strong as ever, won't stay in church nursery, won't go to anyone who he doesn't know really well, still cries for us even if it is someone he knows, new situations are tough

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Baby Kaden

Well yesterday Todd and Kelly from our sunday school class had their baby girl Kaden Olivia. Drew, Brayden and myself went to Central Baptist to see them. Looking at her through the nursery window I was overwhelmed with emotion. I couldn't help but cry looking at her, and seeing what a blessing it really is. She had a sweet purple bow in her hair and chubby cheeks! It is just so amazing to see the pregancy, the baby, and then look nine months later at Brayden and see who they grow into.

Just today Brayden started really crying when I dropped him off this morning. This was the first time I had a really hard time at work and thought about him a lot of the day. I try to keep the mindset that I have a great job to be a mom, and spend so much time with him. And of course he was fine about two minutes after I left.

Time is flying, and it really showed it when we saw Kaden yesterday. Congrats Kelly and Todd!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Warm Weekend!

Well we had a great weekend of family, friends, and warm weather! Friday Drew was off of work, and stayed home with Brayden. It is nice when he can do this! We went for a long walk- Brayden loves being outside! That evening we went to Kohls to get a few outfits for the growing boy. He was at the end of his 6-9 month clothes and all of his summer stuff is 12 months, and it isn't quite warm enough for that yet. So we got some 9 month clothes for him. Thankfully Kohls always has wonderful sales. Kelly and Todd came to visit Friday night as well. They are due with their little girl- Kaden any day now! We ate pizza and played with Brayden, and it was nice to see them!

Saturday we woke up and immediately went for a walk after breakfast because the weather was so nice. I went to Whitney's wedding that afternoon, and it went well. She was beautiful, and she had a great day. Drew brought Brayden to the reception, and he danced with me. :) Then that night Greg and Laurel came to visit. We went for another walk, and went to eat at Beef O-Brady's. Brayden loved all the tvs in there and was very entertained. Then we came back, put him to bed and played Family Feud. The girls won twice!

Sunday we wanted to go to church but babies really don't understand the time change memo, so he was napping during church time! So we stayed outside a lot of the day again! There was Cheri's birthday in Ohio (Drew's cousin) yesterday but Drew had bible study so we didn't go. I wish they were closer so it wouldn't be so hard!

Brayden is crawling EVERYWHERE! We had to take the bumper off his crib because he was standing on it. And he has been throwing his pacis out of his crib. He sometimes has quite the temper! He loves being outside- here's hoping for lots of warm weather!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Fun Family Time

Well we had a fun-filled weekend. Friday Drew was off work, and got to stay home with Brayden. He brought him to school to eat lunch with me! I was so excited to see my two favs and my students loved seeing him as well.

Friday night was Whitney's bridal shower and Brayden went with me. Whitney seemed so excited, and Brayden did really well. He seems to like young girls (go figure) and liked crawling around the floor. Drew had a poker night here while we were at the shower.

Saturday we went to lunch at Applebees- the three of us- because we had a gift card! Brayden has a new fascination with crackers and was content eating crackers the majority of the time. I forgot his sippy so he drank some apple juice through the end of a straw. Such a big boy.

Saturday night Drew and I went and saw an early 5:00 movie, Taken, while Brayden stayed with my mom and dad. It was a good movie, intense, and Brayden did well.

Today Drew had to work a health fair, and I took Brayden to church with the help of Megan. We tried the church nursery...he lasted 8 minutes!

Updates with Brayden:
* He is full fledged crawling! We cannot change a diaper, change clothes, or turn around without him crawling away.
*He is trying different table foods. Loves crackers, green beans, bread.
*Jabbers, jabbers, jabbers
*He is pulling up on everything- his crib, his toys, you name it.
*Loves playing games with me and Drew. Peekaboo, tickling, laughing.

Family on Christmas

Family on Christmas
Merry Christmas

Spiky hair

Spiky hair
All dolled up for Christmas in Ohio

My little Santa

My little Santa
Ho Ho Ho!

Happy boy

Happy boy
On the way to church

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