Tuesday, April 28, 2009


So yesterday when I picked Brayden up he walked to me!!! Just a few steps, and then he gets so excited he falls down, but he did this over and over and over! :) How exciting!

(My grad class went well last night....didn't like being away but I think I will survive.)

Monday, April 27, 2009

Warm Ohio Weekend!

This past weekend we headed north for our monthly Ohio visit. On Friday we headed up after school and stopped to visit with Blake, Lauren, and Caleb. We ate a yummy dinner and let the boys play for a little while. Caleb is too cute and running around and talking.
We then headed up to Drew's parents house. We had beautful weather Saturday and Sunday and played outside most of the day. Brayden played in his little pool, went on wagon rides and a tractor ride, and visited with family. He didn't want to nap with so much going on so he was exhausted yesterday when we made it back.

New Brayden update:
Brayden is climbing stairs...fun times

Thursday, April 23, 2009

More updates on the homefront

As of yesterday, it seems I will be staying in 2nd grade! I am really excited about this. Due to the budget crisis things are really shifted around, and I will be staying.
Also Brayden and myself will be going to Gatlinburg for four days in June with my family to stay in a cabin! So excited! (Drew can't take off work any more. :( )
Brayden is walking! (On his walker toy!) But nevertheless, he is so proud of himself as he pushes that thing across the house. :)

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Life in the Beckett World

I know I blog about Brayden most of the time, but I thought I would take take to talk about all of us!

Right now I am finishing up teaching this school year at Northern in second grade. I think I will be moving to fifth grade next year. (We will see!) I am starting my Masters at the end of the month. I am taking a class in May and in July. (wanted to take one in June but didn't work with vacation) Needless to say my May will be hectic with work and class but I am excited to get started....actually more excited to get it done!

Drew is working for the health department as a tobacoo educator. He is playing softball two nights a week and golfs whenever possible!

This summer we are going on vacation in June with Blake, Lauren, and Caleb to Myrtle Beach for a week. In July Drew and I are going to visit his sister Audra in Chicago. (She is working at JAG there for the summer.) We are going to a Cubs game, and staying a night. We are leaving (ahh I'm nervous) Brayden with my sister and she is going to come stay at the house with him. In all our decisions we try to do what is best for Brayden, and although it pains me to leave him (he has never been left over night) it is much better for him to stay at his house then to ride five hours, go to a baseball game in the July heat for hours, and ride five hours back. In June we will also be having Brayden's first birthday party! It will be on his birthday June 13th....crazy!

Back to work tomorrow...only 7 weeks left!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Weekend and 10 months old!!

Well we were able to start some family Easter traditions this weekend. Drew's parents came down on Saturday morning and spent the weekend with us. We hung out, and played with Brayden. They couldn't believe how much he had grown and changed since it had only been a few weeks since they had seen him. Saturday night all of us went over to my parent's house for an Easter dinner. It was nice to get the two families together, and talk. Brayden especially loved the dinner of ham, mashed potatoes, corn, rolls, and cake. We then had an Easter egg hunt with Brayden, Ryleigh, and Bryn (my uncles little girls who are 2 1/2 and 1.) They were so funny running to the eggs. Brayden didn't really know what was going on, but that's ok! :) He receieved and Easter basket from each set of grandparents as well!
Easter morning Brayden had a basket from the Easter Bunny! He had bubbles, a glove and ball, and a book. He didn't really care too much about it but we got some cute pictures! Then Drew, Brayden, Roxane and myself headed to church. (Don was waiting on the dish guy to come install our new satellite dish!) Brayden was too cute in his chaps green plaid button down and navy pants with brown sandels. I kept him in the service with me for as long as possible (since he loves the nursery ) and he listened to the music and ate some lunch in the service. I actually made it through most of the service before I took him to the nursery to play. He loved playing with the other babies!
Our Easter was different this year without all the running around to different families, but it was nice to relax with our own!

Brayden is 10 months old today! I can't believe it...he is changing now SO FAST!
New developments:
*LOVES to eat- he can spend an hour and a half eating meals- he really enjoys his food now- mini pancakes for breakfast, pasta, cheese, lunch meat, green beans, Crackel Barrel dumplins , his juice, bread, yogurt bites
* Is SOO mobile- crawls full speed, pulls up on everything, loves anything that is not a toy, loves to bang- the dryer, the top of the toliet seat, the side of the tub (maybe he is a drummer)
*Is very vocal- saying Mama, Dada, yum yum, ppppp, nananana
*waves bye-bye, gives high fives
*loves Baby Einstein videos- stares intently and gets ticked if you turn him away from them or turn it off before it is over
*has quite a temper when he does something he doesn't like- changing his clothes, diaper, cleaning his face
*weighs 22 pounds and is ~29 inches tall
*still loves paci for comfort at times
*loves water and swimming
*loves being outside
*his stranger anxiety is better!
*has two teeth with 4 more coming in on top!
*he still takes two naps sometimes a third little one in the evening
*sleeps 9-7:45 unless I have to wake him up for school

I can't believe how big he is getting!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Oprah insight

I watched Oprah yesterday (because Ellen was a re-run) and it was all about being a mommy. They discussed all kinds of things we deal with as mommies- for example the constant debate of working or staying at home, relations with your husband after kids, feelings of regret or guilt that we put on ourselves as moms, etc.
It was very insightful and true. Basically all of us have doubts and worries when it comes to being a mom and a wife. We worry about fufilling our husband- they need relations to communicate and we need to communicate to have relations and this gets hard after having a baby. We compare ourselves to others and wonder why we can't work and be a mom while some women have it under control or stay at home and be content. We feel guilty when we take the much needed time for ourself.
This all hit home for me, and it made me feel good that there are so many women stuggling with the same issues. I have always been an open person, but there are definite struggles I have had that have made me wonder if I was the only one.
We are all so different and we are all the best moms we can be to our babies. What works for one mom doesn't work for another. I have seen this played out with my family and friends as well. But be encouraged mommy readers- you are doing a great job and you aren't the only one with struggles!

Family on Christmas

Family on Christmas
Merry Christmas

Spiky hair

Spiky hair
All dolled up for Christmas in Ohio

My little Santa

My little Santa
Ho Ho Ho!

Happy boy

Happy boy
On the way to church

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