Saturday, October 9, 2010

Keaton update- 6 months old

I have slacked on updating about my sweet baby lately, so I am going to stray away from the serious marriage book posts, and talk about Keaton Micah.

On Oct. 12th he will be six months old!! It is really hard to believe.

*He is now eating cereal, fruits and veggies three times a day. He also eats his bottle with each feeding, and in the snack times as well.
*He has a smile that melts my heart. He crinkles his nose up and opens his mouth real wide to show how happy he is.
*Brayden was always so insecure in new situations and new people (and still is) and Keaton is totally the opposite. He glows at anyone that talks to him, and will go to anyone. He "talks" to new people (just like his mommy!) and show off his personality.
* He has been waking up a few times a night with getting teeth (he now has his bottom two!) This has been rough, but other than sleep interrupted he is a happy camper.
*He rolls and "crawls" by scooting. He is doing things so much faster than his big brother did!
*He is his own little baby boy. Everyone tells me he looks like Brayden, but to me they are so different.
(He goes for his 6 month check up on Monday, so I will now his percentiles and weight and height.)
I am soo blessed to have this precious baby to love.


Lauren said...

Happy 6 Months to Keaton! I can't believe he is already so old. We are looking forward to seeing you soon!

Anonymous said...

I agree with you that Brayden and Keaton look more different than alike, and I LOVE Keaton's sweet smile and, of course, the shriek of delight when we play "so big"!! Nana!

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Skylar perry said...

Happy 6 months! I can't wait to see how old he is now because I think it been 2 years. Wait then he would be 2 or 3. 3 because he might of had a birthday already!

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Family on Christmas

Family on Christmas
Merry Christmas

Spiky hair

Spiky hair
All dolled up for Christmas in Ohio

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My little Santa
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Happy boy
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Mostly about Brayden and Keaton, and the Beckett family! :)